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I am selling this property in partnership with Mountain Man Mining.

The Delano and Gold Note claims consist of 5 unpatented lode mining claims, covering 103.3 acres, on federal land managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  The Delano District is a well-known silver-lead-gold district in NW Elko County, Nevada that produced metals every year from 1917 to 1966.  Numerous large mining companies have taken an interest in the district and Newmont Mining currently has claims just two miles to the west.

The Delano and Gold Note claims contain a former producing open pit, numerous small prospect pits and trenches, and two mining shafts and one adit.  There are also tailings and other old workings that can be prospected.  The Cleveland Mine and part of the Delano mine group are on private land which is not included in this property package.

The Delano and Gold Note are two of the most advanced properties in the district with past production and unmined potential.  Noranda drilled a silver-lead-zinc-gold deposit in the Delano mine area which is a tabular replacement body that underlies much of the district.  These replacement bodies are large and high-grade and could interest a major mining company if developed.  The replacement ore body is exposed at the Gold Note area in an open pit.

Geologists have speculated that a concealed intrusive could be the source of the mineralization at Delano.   Finding this intrusive and the “motherlode” source of the high-grade veins could lead to additional discoveries and expand the deposits found by Noranda.

Magnetometer surveys have come down in cost due to drones and this technique could potentially locate the hidden intrusive.

The district also contains numerous gold bearing veins and tungsten prospects – both of which could be developed.  A wild card is the tin deposit that is also stratabound that underlies the silver replacement bodies.  The district is said to contain numerous tin prospects.

lies in NW Elko County, Nevada.  The district is known for high grade silver-lead-zinc mines and a large tungsten deposit (Indian Springs).  Some of the famous mines include Argyle, Delano, Cleveland, Gold Note, 86 Mine, and the Mitchell Mine.  We have staked two of the best mines in the district near or on top of the resource drilled out by Noranda in the 1980’s.

Prospectors discovered the district in 1872 after being shown the rich silver veins by an Indian.  Production commenced in 1908 from the Cleveland and Argyle Mines (within about .25 to .5 miles of our claims).  The Delano Mine opened shortly thereafter and was in continuous production until 1962.  The Delano Mine has an incline shaft that extends down to 2000 feet.  The Cleveland mine has extensive workings – some maps are available.  Historic grades on the underground mines were 21 oz/ton silver, and 13% lead.  In the 1980’s Noranda explored the district and discovered a 250,000 ton deposit resource which grades 6.43 oz/ton silver, 5.6% lead and 3.8% zinc.  A memo on the Noranda exploration program notes that the they believed the potential was several million tons of high grade silver-lead-zinc ore.  Beneath the silver-lead-zinc deposit was a tin deposit grading 2%.  The Indian Springs tungsten deposit, one of the largest in the United States, is located 3 miles SE of the Delano claims.

The Delano district consists of thick layers of Permian sediments intruded by granidiorite.  The north part of the district near Delano Peak is overlain by Miocene volcanics and ash-flow tuffs.  NE striking faults intersect many of the historical mines.  There are two main types of deposits:  i) silver-lead-zinc-gold replacement bodies that are tabular and stratabound (Delano Mine, Gold Note) and ii) silver-tungsten veins along fissures and faults (Indian Springs).

In 1960, DR Olsen wrote a Phd Thesis on the Delano District.  Noranda produced a geology map of the district.  Numerous reports available from the Nevada Bureau of Mines.  All of these are in pdf format available to any prospective buyer.

The claims can be easily accessed by vehicle and ATV.  The claims are 104 miles from Elko, Nevada and 233 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah.  By traveling on Interstate 80 and going north on US Highway 93 to Contact, Nevada.  The claims are 2.2 miles west of Contact on county road and jeep trail.

Nevada is consistently ranked as one of the top mining jurisdictions in the world for being mining-friendly and continuing to produce major discoveries.  If Nevada was a country it would be the 5th largest gold producer in the world (after Australia, China, Russia and Canada).  Nevada is home to the Carlin Trend, the Cortez Trend, the Walker Lane Trend, the Getchell Trend and many other prolific gold producing regions.  In addition to gold Nevada also has major mines producing silver, copper, lithium, iron ore, magnesium, gems and many other minerals.   Nevada is 85% owned by the federal government and most of this land is available for claim staking.  This means some of the best mining ground in the world is open to small prospectors – a very unique situation.   There are many mining companies active in Nevada and therefore, multiple potential buyers for any discovery you make.  Canadian based junior exploration companies are particularly active in Nevada.