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Are Mining Claims an Investable Asset Class?

For most investors, exposure to alternative assets may include hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate, or crypto currencies. Alternative assets offer unique risk to return profiles and low correlation to broader financial markets than traditional asset classes such as...

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10 Ways to Enhance the Value of Your Mining Claims

1. Compile Research The cheapest way to increase the value of your mining claims is to gather research material on your specific property or the nearby mines and district. Many states have a Bureau of Mining or State Geological Survey...

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How to Find Old Mines Using Google Earth

Mastering a few tricks on Google Earth and finding the right data can make finding old mines super-easy. Learning a mapping program is essential to success as a prospector or miner. About 10 years ago I took a GIS (Geographical...

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How to Value a Mining Claim

Putting a value on a mining claim can be tough because so much is unknown. How much gold is really in the ground? Will it be economic? What are the positives and negatives that can adjust the valuation? However, there...

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5 Tips for Buying an Unpatented Mining Claim

Tip #1: Check Surface Land Management Maps for Public Lands The best way to start your land research is with a surface land ownership map. The BLM sells these maps in paper form, but you can also get them in...

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Why Ebay is the Best Place To Buy Mining Claims

I have worked in the mining industry for 20 years and co-founded four junior mining companies including one public company. When I first heard that people were selling mining claims on Ebay I was super skeptical and even dismissive. I...

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